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Celebrating St. Patrick's Day

How we celebrated St Patrick's Day. and joined by Father Bart (Carmelite Father from Munster) Later after the Mass. Even our Little Angel showed off her Irish spirit.

Staff Recognition

Carmelite staff recognized for their more than 30 Years in service (Left to right) Hilda Rodriques, Josie Garza,Thomas Lemke, Shirley Story and Lorraine Pollack.

Visit From Mother General

Mother M. Angelina, our Mother General, visited our Northern Province.

Students from Calumet College

Everyone had fun the day the students from Calumet College volunteered their time to get to know our children better. We played games and enjoyed various activities. What a beautiful day.


We visited the exhibition Planet Explorers where every child embarked on an awe-inspiring journey through the Universe to the mysterious Planet X.

Shine with the Light of Jesus Fall Festival

This year instead of a Halloween party, we decided to do a Fall Festival. After a month and a half and many phone calls for donations, we made a beautiful day for the kids. We were able to get an inflatable bouncer and a hayride donated. All the games were set up throughout the yard so the children could go around and enjoy them.

May Crowning

Always teaching, we gathered around for prayer to honor the life of our Blessed Mother the Virgin Mary, during our May Crowning.

Disney on Ice

We saw the live magic and fun of our favorite Disney movies in a whole new way when Disney On Ice came to Chicago.

Fair Oaks Farms

The children were able to go to Fair Oaks Farm and see a working dairy farm. They had a great time seeing how cows are born, milked and how the milk turns into many different products for the community. We had such a great time, and they enjoyed all the baby cows being born most of all.

Oak Ridge Prairie

We went to Oak Ridge Prairie, a nature reserve that is about 30 minutes from the home. There is a nice playground, many nature-walking paths, and a fishing pond. The children walked and ran down the first path enjoying the freedom and fresh air.

Ice Skating at Deep River Water Park

What better to do when it is cold outside than to go ice skating? I took the children to Deep River Water Park for some outdoor fun and fresh air. Most of the kids had never been ice skating before, so they jumped on the idea of going.

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